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Best Boobs Per Part!

Do I like to take a serious look at JoJo and analyze all the characters and themes deeply? Why yes! Yes I do!
Do I also like to look at all the character's boobs? Yes, very much so.
A disclaimer before we begin, I am a lesbian, and therefore am generally immune to the looks of men. Not in JoJo though. I believe that I can do an even-handed look at all the tits without being swayed by my lesbianism. There is only one instance in which I think it may cloud my vision, but I will adress that when I come to it. In any case, Enjoy!

Part One: Phantom Blood

There are some really great boobs in this part, especial points going to Erina's boobs in the final episode for being the only thing my sibling paid any attention to while I forced them to watch Phantom Blood with me. However, despite their contribution to society, I think the definitive winner for this part is 100% Jonathan Joestar. Look at those pecs and tell me he doesn't deserve to be at the top of this list.

Jonathan's boobs Jonathan's boobs Jonathan's boobs

Part Two: Battle Tendancy

This part also has some really great boobs, but, after some discusison with my friend the winner is Joseph Joestar. What can I say, he's a whore. Caesar also has great tits, and I'm inclined to go with him, just because I love him, but I do think that Joseph's tits are objectively better.

Joseph's boobs Joseph's boobs

Part Three: Stardust Crusaders

Despite the fact that the boobs of two seperate previous best breast winners appear in this part, there is a difinitive and obvious answer as to who's boobs are the best. You guessed it, it's Polnareff. Joseph let himself go after so many years, his boobs have flattened since Battle Tendancy (much like someone else from that part) and the person who's in charge of Jonathan's boobs hasn't been keeping them up as much as he could (though they're still impressive,) instead focusing more on his dick. Polnareff Has. The. Boob. he's got the boobies DOWN. he shows them off about as much as is possible without wearing a shirt with a dedicated boob window, or just going topless entirely. Booba

Polnareff's boobs Polnareff's boobs

Part Four: Diamond Is Unbreakable

there aren't as many boobs to choose from in this part, though I still think there could be some compeTITTIEon [hah, get it] I still feel as though there's a difinitive answer. I would say that the best tiddies in this part are Josuke's, he's the only one who really shows them off, while Tomoko does have some nice tits, I feel like Josuke has her beat just by virtue of "Tomoko would beat me up if I said that to her."

Josuke's boobs Josuke's boobs

Part Five: Vento Aureo

Now this, this is the only part where I feel like my lesbinaism will cloud my judgement. The boobs that I fear I may be deluded about are Bruno Bucciarati's. Dear Lord that man's tits drive me wild. I say I may be deluded about them because I just straight up cannot tell if anyone has better tits in this part because I'm just staring at Bruno's boobs the whole time. Maybe Risotto's got some good honkers, Maybe underneeth his horrible crop-top sweater Mista has a nice rack, but I could not tell you. when Bucciarati is on screen it's a toss-up as to wether I'm going to be looking at his boobs or his face, both are eaqually appealing to me. I don't know if it is possible for me to be normal about him. I am a lesbian for every second of my life except those where I'm looking at Bruno.

Bucci boob Bucci boob Bucci boob

Part Six: Stone Ocean

I feel like there is one and only clear and obvious winner here. Hermès Costello. She's got multipurpose tiddy. She can put shit in her boobs what the fuck else could you possibly want from a woman.

money boobs Hermes' tiddy

Part Seven: Steel Ball Run

For this one, most of the characters keep their boobs nicely tucked away for most of the time, except for one character. One shining light in the midst of so many shirts that go all the way up, and don't have a dedicated boob window. Mountain Tim. I salute him unbuttoning his shirt enough to show some clevage

Mountain Tim's clevage Mountain Tim's clevage Mountain Tim's clevage

Part Eight: Jojolion

I had some debate in this part, I didn't know wether to put Mitsuba Higashikata or Yotsuyu Yagiyama here, but I decided to go with Mitsuba after consulting my friend, who gave me this sage advice: "Mitsuba, Yotsuyu's too spiky." Wise words indeed. I don't have a whole lot to say about this part, there isn't a whole lotta guys with boobs, which is a shame, and a real departure from previous parts. but anyway, Mitsuba wins this round. Yes I know her boobs are fake, but are you really gonna fight me on this... on my own website no less??

Mitsuba's boobs Mitsuba's boobs

All Around Winner

We've gone all around and gotten the best boobs of each part, now let's get ready for me to tell you the best boobs of all JoJo. Are you ready? I'm ready. Drumroll please.


Just look at them holy shit dude how could he not win?