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Random JoJo Q and As.

This is just where I talk about things that I have a few thoughts on, but not enough meat to write a whole seperate article about. I also hope you can get a quick refernce of my general feelings about JoJo by reading this page.

Favorite character and why?

Jotaro Kujo is dfinitely my favorite, not necessarily because I like him as a person the best, or because I think he's the coolest character, but because he's interesting to think about. I don't agree with all of his actions, but I do think there's a purpose behind everything he does. I also relate to him in some ways, so I think that makes it easier for me to sympathize with him. I initially didn't like him because of how rude he is to his mother (and women in general) but as the series progressed I got to see more of him and grew to like him from there. I especially like his appearences in the parts after part 3, when you can see how he has grown since and how part 3 affected him, even if it is in subtle ways.

Least favorite character and why?

Absolutely Funny Valentine. I hate him so much it's unreal. Runnner up for most hated character is Joshu, the only reason he didn't win is because he didn't try to sexually assault a minor. I hate both of these fuckers, but I hate Funny Valentine slightly more.

Favorite part?

My favorite part... oohhhhh boy that's hard. I really like part four, for the characters, I really love to see them just... chill. I feel like there isn't enough chilling in the other parts. Part five is definitely up there too, even though the characters don't really hang out much; it's well paced and I'm crazyinsane about all the characters. I also like part two, but I'm biased because I love Caesar.

Least favorite part?

Contreversial opinion time, my least favorite part is part 3... sorry. Don't get me wrong, I still love it to bits, but I think that it drags in some parts. It's just one fight after another, with no time for us to sit and simmer with the caracters. I really love the characters in this part, which is why I feel like it's so dissapointing in some ways. I would kill to get an episode where the gang just hangs out somewhere, without anyone coming to chase them. It just feels... exhausting. It's so tiring to just constantly watch characters you love get beat up. And I'll never forgive Araki for not actually showing us the scene where Jotaro shows off his cigarette trick.

favorite minor characters?

I wholeheartedly love characters who only show up for one or two episodes, some of my favorited are Tonio Trussardi, Hol Horse, Jack the Ripper, Rubber Soul, and Poco's Sister (tragically unnamed) I also kinda love Wang Chan, the poison seller from part one, he shows up in more episodes than some of these characters, but I think he's a really funny character, just a weird little guy, the OG DIO simp.

Saddest Death?

(Spoilers: Part 3)
Noriaki Kakyoin, this one hurt me a lot for multiple reasons. Like, he was only 17, he had his whole life ahead of him, he had interests, he had talents, he had a family. But no, all of it had to be ruined by DIO. Kakyoin was my favorite character before Jotaro was, and seing him die - in such a brutal manner - was devistating to me. I will say that I knew it was coming, I had accidentaly gotten spoiled, but that didn't make seeing the actual thing hurt any less. He had just gotten out of the hospital, and was so ready to defeat DIO, he had the perfect plan to figure out the secret of DIO's stand, and all of that was crushed before he could even blink. It especially saddens me that his dying thoughts couldn't even be of something comfortable, they had to be about the battle at hand, about the horrendous tradgedy that had just befallen him. He deserved so much better.

Most Impactful Death Scene?
(Spoilers: Part 5)
The death scene I find most impactfull isn't about the death I find the most upsetting, it's just about the scene itself. That scene, for me, is definitely the death of Leone Abbacchio. There are so many factors that make this scene what it is, so I'm just going to list the specific events that make it hit so hard in the order they happen. The first thing is that Abbacchio does maybe the kindest thing we see him do in his entire screen time. We see him help a group of children, and then give a rare smile, but the smile is interupted by him dying, right behind the backs of the children, who are still waving and yelling thank you. The next is Narancia's whole reaction to it, his disbelief, his pleading with Giorno to heal him, and -- when he realizes that Abbacchio's dead, -- his falling to the ground and sobbing. Despite the fact that nobody else is actively crying, you can really tell it's effecting them. Giorno and Mista are tense, and you can see them trying not to break down, while Bucciarati bites his lip hard enough to bleed. At this point in the story he's already dead, and therefore stopped bleeding, but he bites himself hard enough that blood drips down onto his chin anyway. Man the whole scene is just so good. not to mention the post-death scene with Abbacchio and his partner. It's all just so good, I think I'm gonna go re-watch it now.