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Hello! it's me, Bones!

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Welcome to my website, I love to write, and I love even more to procrastinate on my writing, I love cooking. I'm very new at the whole website busines, so don't roast my barebones (hah) site. I plan to add even more pages on here, so if you're interested in reading my essays, creative writing, or recipes check back here in a while :3

Check out my stuff ^3^

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Pages on their way

Coming some time in the future, I will be making pages for each of the characters on my favorite character list! this will probably be a slow process, because I want to have writing about the characters, and I'm lazy.

Will add pictures to my Foccacia recipe


Reccently finished/added pages

Added the Boob Ranking page, where you can see my opinion on all the best boobs per part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Finished re-sizing all the pictures in low-quality jojo screenshots :D